Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Photos

Just a few phone photos from yesterday.

Last Sunday (Easter), my new nephew was born.  Jellybean is in love with him.  We got to see the little guy today at my parents' house.  Here's Jellybean checking him out. He's being held by his beautiful aunt (my sister-in-law).  D asked me if the new baby made me want to have one.  I said no.  Though, there is something particularly sweet about holding a newborn baby that you don't have to take home with you.
I have to make a note about Jellybean's cute outfit.  I scored this adorable Lauren Ashley dress and those sweet turquoise sandals at my favorite bi-annual consignment sale last week.  $6.00, not bad.

We spend a lot of time swinging on Grandma and Grandpa B's porch swing. Buddy, Jellybean and some of their wonderful cousins got to hang-out Sunday evening. They have so much fun together.
What a great start to the week!

Have a Happy Day!


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  1. What an awesome photo of the grandkids (most of them, anyway). Would you email a copy of it to me?