Monday, April 30, 2012

Stepping Out For Fro Yo

I remember my parents taking myself and my siblings to a frozen yogurt place called Yozen Frogurt.  I thought the name was terribly clever at the time.  Frozen yogurt seemed like a really special treat.  My favorite flavor then and now? Chocolate with gummy bears.
Am I crazy or is frozen yogurt majorly back in? I've seen frozen yogurt places popping up everywhere.  Because I love, love it, I made it a habit to treat my kids every once in a while.  When I discovered Red Mango, I started treating myself and my kids a little more often.  It's all natural, so I can justify eating it for lunch. It's delicious. I think I've become an addict.
I don't get chocolate with gummy bears, but I do get the mixed berry parfait.  My little ones like the original flavor with berries and mochi.  We have a good time of it as you can see.
I suggest stepping out and treating yourself (and your little ones) to your favorite fro yo.

Have A Happy Day!


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  1. What fun - for your kids AND you! We have a custard place just walking distance from our house, and I love taking my toddler there on warm summer days for custard or the occasional berry cobbler. Yum yum!