Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Cleaning: The Pantry

When we moved to our new home, we were so anxious to just be in that I left a lot of the organizing tasks on the back burner. I don't even want to think about what my basement looks like...
Anyway, Spring is coming and I thought I'd start my organizing off with FINALLY bringing some order to our kitchen pantry. 
Here's the before:
It's hard to tell, but the shelves are fairly deep and it was in total chaos.
(I realize as I post this picture that I am broadcasting to the world our eating habits, *gulp*)
 I have been putting off clearing out this pantry because it makes me tired to look at it, but I finally got up the courage and found a really cute little helper.
Here we are.
Ready to clean?
After clearing off the shelves (she cleared anything she could reach)
I put her to work dusting the floor and shelves.
All done!
I threw away an unbelievable amount and then put the majority of it back in bins.  It is far easier to see what is in there now and not have things get lost in the back.  I still need to figure out a good can storing solution.
Well, it's not as cute as the pantries of Pinterest. Oh well, I just don't see myself painting, stenciling or wall papering it. I'm also not planning on investing in cute canisters. That said, it works for us and now I know what's in there. Success!

Have a Happy Day!


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  1. your pantry looks fabulous. seriously, come clean mine, mkay?

    glad you joined us in embrace the camera!

  2. When I did that a few months ago I found things that had expired WAY a long time ago! Oops!

  3. I hate doing it but feel so accomplished after I've cleaned out my pantry!

    Such cute pics!