Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jellybean Turns Two

On Sunday, my little girl turned two!!

Here she is as a newborn:
One year ago:
And here she is now:

We opened a few presents after church. The vacuum was a hit:
Then we drove to my inlaws' for dinner.
Please, no more pictures!

I baked a "sunshine cake" for the occasion.
My attempt at a pretty cake.
Look at those pretty ringlets!
Delicious cake! Who needs a fork?
I had to snap a photo of Jellybean and her Great-Grandmother. She knit the beautiful sweater that Jellybean is wearing.
This was well after bedtime, but the photo op could not wait.
Here's a lot more about Jellybean.  She is two years old and I'm telling you now, here comes trouble...

- She absolutely must touch (or lick) EVERYTHING!
- I swear that she barely eats, but guzzles milk like crazy. A common phrase around the house: "Milk, milk, my milk, milk!"
- She likes to tease her older brother and I have even witnessed her do so until he cries.
- In her mind, every gift she receives automatically has a baby doll in it. 
-She absolutely must do everything by herself stating,"my turn" at every opportunity. (i.e. getting into her own car seat, "cooking" with me, "cleaning" with me, and even getting "dressed").
- I rue the day that she realized that the step stool from the bathroom is also useful for looking over and taking things off of kitchen counters, reaching light switches and even an easier way to climb onto the kitchen table.
 - If she sees a set of animals together (think three cats), she will dub them Mama, Dada and baby regardless of age or gender.
- When she takes off her shoes, she will put them neatly away with the socks tucked into them. I wish she was as tidy with her toys.
- She likes to choose what she wears and has very particular taste.- She says the following almost every morning to indicate what she wants me to carry out of the crib for her, "Owl, other owl, big owl, my bear." Though, with the addition of a new play kitchen the first thing she says in the morning is, "my kitchen!"
- She dances around like a maniac when she is excited and especially when she gets to put on underwear.  (think "She's a Maniac" from Flash Dance)
- She LOVES Caillou.  In fact, she is incapable of staying still unless she is watching that little bald boy on the TV. - I love to hear her sing along to songs on the TV and in the car. She'll also sing along to her favorite songs with me. (Lullaby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and The ABC Song)
- She can often be caught raising her shoulders, a habit that we're pretty sure she learned from her Daddy.
- Wrestling with Robbie is a fun pastime.
- When Daddy comes home from work she'll whisper, "hide" as he's opening the door to come in. Hiding is one of her favorite things.
- She has decided that she loves her Grandpas and she especially adores her Papa B. I'm pretty sure it's because she can order him around.

She truly is a sweet, fiery, wonderful girl.  We love her!  Happy Birthday, Jellybean!!

Have a Happy Day!



  1. Happy bday to your Jellybean!! We're approaching the second bday and I'm feeling both excited and a little sad to see my baby become a toddler. Congrats to you, mom!!

  2. She is absolutely precious! Stopping by from the "Linky Follower Party" hop! You can find me at www.lucasandmahina.com!