Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yeah, He's Brilliant

The way I see it, blogs are a wonderful forum for bragging. I have a private family blog that I do most of my bragging on, but I imagine my family is getting a little tired of it. So, I'll take this opportunity to brag about my son publicly.

He's a really smart little boy. In fact, he's brilliant.

By 18 months he could recognize the entire alphabet (upper and lowercase) and tell you all of the letter sounds. Now he's already starting to read and can write all of the letters. Did I mention that he'll only be turning 3 in June?

Lest you need more proof of his brilliance, take a gander at the following pictures. He loves playing with his letters on the fridge. Last week, I found him frantically looking for the letter "p". He needed it desperately. When we finally found it, this is what he did:

"Look at what I did!"

Letters aren't his only forte, he surprised me yesterday by spouting off the numbers from 1 to 10 in Spanish. ;)

Oh, and he's cute to boot. heh.

Well, that's enough bragging for one day. Have a Happy One!


  1. Yep, you have a right to brag....and he is adorable!

  2. It's a mom's job to do a little bragging ;D
    He's just as cute as he can be, MJ!

  3. That is wonderful! Totally worth a brag. Visiting via the EBT. Love your blog!

  4. Spanish and writing too? Wow, I'll bet his mama has something to do with his learning so much! Start him on some early readers and see what he can do! And give him a ((hug)) for me!!