Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fantasy Craft Room (Part Two)

Welcome to my second installment of Fantasy Craft Room. In part one I added some storage and some decor.
Today I'm feeling like a really great work table:

Like this Vintage Tiffany Stand Company Metal Work Table from Urge Studio

Some extra lighting:

I love the look of this handmade pendant lampshade from Filigree Creations

and a business center:

I think this two-tone vintage tanker desk from Wesbenn would be a perfect place for my computer and for keeping track of orders.

I'm going to keep dreaming of a real workspace. We are just starting to look at new homes and I've decided that a room for my crafting is a MUST!

What would you need in your fantasy craft room??

Have a Happy Day!!

*Top picture photo credit: Chema Madoz


  1. Love your style...good luck in getting it all together some day.

  2. excellent workspace inspiration- love your picks!

  3. I'm in love with that light fitting, great finds.

  4. Great inspiration for your studio - hope it all comes together soon:):)

  5. In my fantasy craft room, I would have a door and soundproofing:) I would use the room as my little piece of me time:) Of course, it would have a work table and a great printer. Have a wonderful Tuesday and thanks so much for letting me dream (if only for a second).