Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday *Night* Finds

This is a bit late in the evening....yes, my typical Friday night consists of putting the kids to bed and then "computing" with my husband on the couch while we watch TV. "Computing" consists of both my husband and myself working on our respective laptops. It's less depressing than it sounds. Sometimes we even instant message each other. heh. ;)

Every Friday, I plan to post my favorite finds from the week. This week I was inspired by some fun items that will help you find some peace and calm this weekend...

Start a warm bath and erase the stressful week with this delicious body scrub:

Slip on these gorgeous slippers:

and curl up with a good book while you sip this relaxing tea blend:

Organic Sleep Well Tea via Treehouse Herbs

The top print pictured is Relax via FotoFoto.

Have a Happy, Relaxing Day and Weekend!