Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Favorite Photo

Over the weekend, we took the kids to get some photos taken. Now, in my opinion, my children are adorable and we got a lot of beautiful photos of them smiling.

But this photo was my favorite of the entire shoot:

Is there something wrong when a mother loves the crying photos more than the smiling ones?

I guess I love that this shot shows that over-dramatic, 2.5 year old side of my son. That face breaks my heart and makes me laugh all at the same time. I'll note that in the blink of an eye he was smiling again. Ah, my sweet, dramatic, handsome, silly, expressive boy. Please, don't ever change.

Have a Happy Day!


  1. Really cute photo! Make sure you keep it for when he starts dating and you can bring it out!!!lol.

  2. What a riot, he looks as if his world is ending. Very cute son, and great photo. A keeper for sure.

  3. Hey, man's got to do what man's got to do.

  4. Aw... that is so cute...thanks for sharing it with us, I think all mothers can identify!

  5. That's the one to keep. You can put it on the fridge when he is 16 and think of these days!!! (my son will turn 16 soon and he isn't pudgy and cute like he used to be----still a fun kid, tho.)