Thursday, March 10, 2011

Embrace The Camera- Feet!

When I was in junior high and high school I had a thing about getting my feet in photos. I was a bonafide band geek (and whatever the equivalent term is for those in orchestra). I went on several band and orchestra tours and have photo after photo of signs, manholes and national monuments with only my feet in the photo.

One rainy day this week, I decided to resurrect the art of the foot photo with my children.
Look he's a toe curler just like his mama!

I may or may not have bribed my two year old with a chocolate cookie so that he would stay still and keep his feet in a least one photo. He may or may not have started crying because he wanted his socks back on.
Socks back on, lounging on the couch. I ROCK those Nike ankle socks!

The entire venture of trying to get everyone's feet in a photo may or may not have ended in tears and total exasperation by everyone involved.

hmmm, looking back on it, I'm not quite sure if it was worth it or not....

Oh well. Join us in embracing the camera and Have a Happy Day!!


  1. Cute curly toes! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I checked out your etsy shop (very cute!) and added you to my circle. Nice to meet you!


  2. aaahhh! lovin the chubby baby feet!

  3. ummm... I also have a few photos of feet. I'm not going to say how many. Let's just call it a few.