Monday, October 11, 2010

6 month stats

75% for height
38% for weight

I'm discovering more and more that Jellybean is an extremely impatient child, she gets bored easily and she is about the grabbiest little thing I've ever encountered. Her thought process is pretty easy to figure out. Basically, she zones in on everything and anything that she can't have and then tries with all of her might to get it. It's really fun, I can't wait until she's crawling.
Accomplishments this month:
-First tooth popped up the day after her 6 month check and another one is right behind it.
-Getting great at rolling anywhere she wants to go, though she usually doesn't have a destination.
-She can sit unsupported.
-She is starting to get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth. I think crawling may be up for next month.
-She started eating rice cereal and loves it. She also loves bananas. I'll be starting her on more solids soon. I've been slow introducing solid foods, but she is raring to go.
-I love hearing her talk to herself. I've started hearing her use more "d" in her babble. Occasionally, she whispers, "Dada." However, spitting and breathing out while sticking out her tongue are her favorites sounds right now.

She loves her mama. I sometimes like her adoration and I'm sometimes embarrassed by it. She will go to her dad, but will immediately turn to make sure I'm still there. Forget about her going to anyone else unless you want to see the waterworks. I hope this stage ends soon. This being a "mama's girl" is getting old fast. Just watch me miss it when she doesn't want me anymore.
Peek-a-boo and "I touched your tongue" are her favorite games right now. She especially likes it when I put a small blanket or burp cloth over her head and she will pull it off herself with a big smile.
She is my sweet, smiley, temperamental, cries when I leave the room, pretty wonderful girl.
Buddy likes to come up to her and say, "oh, she's so cute, I like her." He also likes to play with her ears while going, "squeak, squeak." Jellybean thinks Buddy is hilarious, though she isn't terribly fond of headlocks, she puts up with them.

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  1. I love those videos! Spencer and I just sat and watched them and laughed at how charismatic and energetic she is. I love her on-her-side poses in the rocking video, and how she falls into the spoon in the rice cereal video. She's awesome - I like little baby fireballs.