Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Alphabet Love

As many of you know, for the last few months, Buddy has manifested a true passion for letters. It started with him recognizing and subsequently falling in love with the letter "o". Since that moment, it has blossomed into something quite impressive.
Robbie, 20 months
By about 18 months of age, Buddy was able to recognize and pronounce almost every letter of the alphabet. At that point, I purchased him some magnetic letters for the fridge, thinking that he would get tired of them eventually (just like he does with all of the toys I buy for him). Did he tire of them? Nope. Now, at 20 months of age, he still plays with them every day.

Also on a daily basis, he enjoys his set of alphabet cards, blocks, a variety of ABC books as well as his brand new alphabet poster. He loves to request the alphabet song, so we've had to learn multiple versions, just to mix it up. I so enjoy his sweet request of "abc's?" which can mean he wants one of us to sing the song or that he is demanding to play an alphabet game we found online.

Over the last few weeks, he has begun learning the sounds the letters make. He can now do almost all of the letter sounds. It's amazing to see him pick these things up and how much fun he has doing it. I love the way my mother-in-law put it, "He acts like the letters are his good friends."

We've been trying to get a good video to showcase his talent. D took this video tonight. Enjoy!


  1. That's so fun. I hope little Will likes letters in the same way that Robbie does.

  2. I think I've read your new posts and watched the videos 3 times now. Robbie is the cutest! I'm proud that I (unknowingly) taught him to say "cheese". :)

    You're looking good, Marcie! I can't wait for news of little Josie (or Jo... or Josephine...).

  3. Very cool. If you guys netflixed "The Letter People" tv show, he would probably have a seizure.