Wednesday, May 13, 2009

11 Months Old

Buddy turned 11 months old today. In exactly one month, he'll be an entire year old! I just can't seem to figure out where the time has gone.

Fun new things he learned this month:
-Waving "Hi" and "Bye", though he has yet to demonstrate this with anyone other than Mom and Dad.
-Patty Cake "Rolling" action (just learned this today actually)
-Balancing on his own two feet.
-Using tools to make noise (i.e. using a spoon to hit a bowl or anything else for that matter)

Fun facts about Buddy:
-He loves to look at pictures of himself and at times this is the only way to make him smile.
-He HATES being on his back (this makes diaper changes awfully fun)
-TV remotes and our clothes steamer are his favorite toys.
-He is wonderful at playing independently, though he really enjoys being read to.

Classic reaction to being placed on his back.


  1. He is so cute. I can't believe he is almost a year old. Thanks for keeping us up to date!

  2. It's the shirt!!!! Ooooh I love that shirt and how cute he makes it look :)
    He's such a sweet boy.