Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

Meet Daddy's little Linux Penguin:

He stole the show everywhere we went. Put Buddy in a cute costume and you've created something truly magical.

Buddy was such a party animal that D and I were able to hit not one, but two Halloween parties. And that was after we'd already participated in the Halloween festivities at D's work where every woman that saw him wanted to hold him. On a side note: At the first party in the evening, we so overstuffed ourselves with chili, that I was deeply concerned about our digestive health.

I was really pleased with the penguin costume that D talked me into. I loved that when he moved his arms it looked like his wings were flapping. It was so darn cute I had to document it on video.


  1. Cute baby = cute penguin. He really is a doll.

  2. A Linux Penguin - classic. I saw a little girl in my ward dressed as a penguin this year as well - but her dad's a law student. They probably don't know much about Linux...

    He's getting SO big! I can't wait to see him next month!

  3. Juan approves of Robbie's costume and will probably insist on dressing Luke in a similar one next year.

  4. I have a friend who's a Linux fan, too! Gotta love that penguin.