Monday, April 8, 2013

Starting Where I Left Off: The Egg Hunt

Sorry for the blog silence of last week. I found myself bone-tired, uninspired and it suddenly dawned on me that I have a baby boy due in a few weeks and we have done almost nothing to prepare. So, instead of actually doing something to prepare, I chose to spend my "me" time sleeping.

Despite the fact that the house is now a complete mess and the fact that I'm still tired, it was a nice vacation. After a week off though, I've been thinking that I ought to start things up here again. So, I'll start where I left off with our Easter egg hunt.

Just a typical egg hunt:
He found the blue egg!
Counting her eggs.
Adding another egg to her basket. Buddy is pleased with the eggs he found.
Searching for the last elusive egg. I was a little bit tricky on a few of them.
This year I was inspired by a book that my son's preschool teacher read in class and then let us borrow because Buddy was so obsessed with it: The Great Easter Egg Hunt.
It is a fun book with a cute story and bright illustrations. The real fun is that it is a look and find book. Buddy loved searching for the letters hidden on each page. At the end, the letters end up spelling "Happy Easter."

He expressed the hope that our Easter egg hunt would be like the one in the book. While, I had no plans to visit a chocolate factory during our egg hunt or any of the other fantastic things that occurred in the book, I did think it would be fun to hide letters in some of the eggs so Buddy could unscramble them and spell "Happy Easter." It turned out really well. Buddy was thrilled and Jellybean was happy to find that the eggs that she had thought were empty, actually had letters hiding in them.
Opening the eggs, secret message unscrambled, money, jellybeans, anything better?
Here's a little video of the moment he finished the secret message:

Happy Easter! from A Happy Song on Vimeo.

Perhaps I'll think up a new secret message next year and hide some more letters. It was a nice way to cut down on the candy.
Though, it seems that Jellybean was all about the candy. 
Have a Happy Day!



  1. What a fun Easter! Thanks for linking up with Cozy Book Hop!


  2. I like that idea! My girls love hunting for Easter eggs and playing with those plastic eggs, but I didn't want tons of candy (or to make Easter just about candy). Hiding a message in the eggs would be fun. :)

    1. It worked out pretty well. I love ideas that cut down on the sugar. Another one I've heard is hiding puzzle pieces in the eggs and letting the kids put the puzzle together at the end.
      Thanks for visiting!