Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Three Years Old...

Yesterday Jellybean turned three.  I thought I ought to do my annual photo shoot and update on what Jellybean has been up to in the last year.
So, let's review. Here's Jellybean at two years old:
and here's Jellybean now!
Holy cow! Where did my baby go?

-Jellybean loves babies, kitties, princesses, Hello Kitty and My Little Pony.
-Her favorite color is orange.
-She loves picking her own clothes and especially loves to dress-up in her "princess" dresses. (really any dress is a princess dress.)
-She loves to dance and will be starting her first dance class in a couple of weeks. That girl knows how to move.
-She is my helper. She wants to help with everything. This can sometimes be frustrating, but I think it will be fantastic when her baby brother comes.
-Common phrases include: "Let's play kitties.", "I want to help.", "Me too." and "HUNGRY!" Now picture those repeated over and over again throughout the day.
-She has her own fashion sense and will refuse to hug me if she doesn't approve of my apparel.
-She loves making up songs about anything and everything. She'll sing one of her songs, flutter her eyelashes, smile a sweet smile and then say, "that's my favorite song."
-I sing 'Lullaby and Goodnight' to her every night on request. The night time routine still involves her two owls, her rain noise and her moon (a picture of a smiling moon projected on the ceiling as a night light).
-I'm almost ready to call her successfully potty trained! After a recent and awful regression (crossing my fingers and toes) my little girl is wearing big girl underwear and doing awesome.
-She transferred to the big girl bed last week. It was a hard transition, but she's adjusting.
-Unfortunately, I have to throw in that she's been a little naughty lately, I blame it on being three and having a new baby brother on the way. We're working on it.

I love that she is decisive. She knows what she wants. Yesterday as a special birthday outing, we took Jellybean and Buddy to Build-a-Bear.
Jellybean knew exactly what stuffed animal she wanted from the moment we entered the place: An orange Hello Kitty. She was also very quick to decide on the apparel as well. Buddy, on the other hand, was so overwhelmed by the choices that he gave up on deciding and said he didn't want one. D was brilliant and asked Buddy if he might like a Darth Vader Bear.  The answer was a definite yes and luckily they also had a Vader costume for the bear. Jellybean loves her kitty, but I think Buddy loves his "Darth Vader Midnight Bear" even more.
Giving their new friends an "air bath."
This morning we're going to the doctor's office for Jellybean's annual visit. I'll have to report back on her stats.

Have a Happy Day!


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